Front End Web Developer

Portfolio and Recommendations

WordPress Plugin for Rackspace

Developed a WordPress plugin which reduced event agenda entry time from 8 hours to 2 hours. Expanded plugin capabilites to support WP-multisites.

"..I feel very fortunate to have worked with Saad as the lead web developer for our Rackspace::Solve website...highly recommend him to any company who is looking for someone with deep web expertise, great communication and follow-up skills, and willingness to go the extra mile..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Corin Bragstad - Marketing Programs Manager @ Rackspace

WordPress Theme for Texas Hospital Association

Used PHP, Node.JS, Bootstrap along with Authorize.Net’s API to create a secure donation platform. Configured a Linux server on Amazon EC2 to host the form and integrate with client's DNN website.

"..I highly recommend Saad Malik. He's been able to swoop in like a hero and help me out with some significant web development projects without requiring a lot of hand-holding or coding instructions..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Lane Boyd - Digital Communications Manager at Texas Hospital Association

WordPress Theme for the City of Farmers Branch, TX

Increased organic traffic by 120% in 3 months by adding SEO optimized blogging functionality to a custom WordPress Theme and reduced the page load time from 7s to 1.6s by cleaning up AJAX for the drag and drop based core WordPress site.

"..Saad was so easy to work with and did a great job with our project! I highly recommend him for any of your website development needs..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Meredith Dowdy - Tourism Manager at City of Farmers Branch

WordPress Theme for Technical Design Group

Launched a new WordPress Theme which reported 124% increase in new users and 50.14% decrease in bounce rate as reported by a 30 day A/B testing campaign.

"..After receiving a positive recommendation from an trusted industry colleague we contracted with Saad Malik to perform this work..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

John Miller - Vice President at Technical Design Group

Woocommerce Website for Malcolm's Miracle Sinkcare

Migrated bigcommerce website to WooCommerce based online store, used Optimizely's heatmap to improve UX and integrated Paypal Pro checkout.

"..From his cheery disposition and can-do attitude, to his breadth of knowledge with regard to fixing, developing, and improving our website..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Lauren Jenkins - Graphic Designer

WordPress Theme for Where the Winds Blow

Migrated WooCommerce based website to a new theme which resulted in a 17% increase in conversions, integrated review solicitation tool API which gained over 2100 reviews in the first year and migrated servers with 0 downtime and no loss in SEO rankings.

"..I've known Saad for about five years, and worked with him for about two of those. He is a very hard worker, gets the job done on time and correctly, and is a pleasure to work with..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Lynn Chorn - Owner of Winds Blow Mah Jongg (Where the Winds Blow)

Hubspot Development for DEKRA

Implemented Marketing Automation workflows, utilized CSS to optimize email marketing templates and built landing pages within Hubspot's framework.

"..We have worked with Saad for almost a year now and continue to be impressed by his quick thinking, extensive technical skills, and collaborative attitude.." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Nadia Huda - Strategic Marketing Leader at DEKRA

WordPress Theme for Astrotech Corporation

Collabored with graphic designer to develop a WordPress Theme and inegrated Hubspot lead forms.

"..Working with Saad to build our company’s new website was an incredibly smooth experience. His talent and expertise were evident from the beginning,.." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Nicole Conser - UX Researcher & Product Designer at IBM

WordPress Theme for Fair Marketing(agency) client

"..Saad has been an A+ team player and has a work ethic like NO-OTHER! .." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Roger Janik - President at Fair Marketing

WordPress Theme for Fair Marketing(agency) client

"..With in no time he proved himself as an incredible asset to the company and rose quickly through the ranks! Saad is very technical and is always improving his coding skills!.." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Steven Martin - Director Of Web Development at

WordPress Landing Page for Fair Marketing(agency) client

"..While we worked together I was always impressed with his abilities and felt like I had a reliable colleague. He is also very easy and fun to work with..." (source: LinkedIn recommendations)

Dwayne Casey - Owner CTO & Marketing at C3 Building Solutions

WordPress Theme for Worth & Associates

Developed a lightweight WordPress Theme using ACF and integrated ILS data API to client's Amazon S3 DB.

WordPress Theme for Headwall Investments

WordPress Plugin for Rackspace

Developed a WordPress plugin which reduced event agenda entry time from 8 hours to 2 hours. Expanded plugin capabilites to support WP-multisites.

WordPress Landing Page for Levine Injury Law

Improved page load time and conversion rate for Divi based WordPress landing pages.

Headless CMS WordPress for Cafe Express

Increased organic CTR by 30% in 2 months by improving meta tag data on a React headless WordPress template and migrated the website to AWS Lighthouse.

JavaScript Calculator for Children's Specialty Care Clinic

Migrated static website to WordPress and developed a

WordPress Theme for Texas Hospital Association

Used WordPress to build a searchable web interface for Texas hospital's database, comprising of 3000+ data points and a county level pageload time of 0.9s.

CSS Development for Amy's Ice Cream

Addressed mobile usability and responsiveness issues on an eCommerce landing page resulting in a 4% increase in conversation rate.

WordPress Landing Page for Blackbaud

WordPress Theme for The Elisha

Developed a light WordPress Theme for a 4 unit luxury apartment with a page load time of 0.8s on original live website.

WordPress Theme for Choice Publicity

Hubspot Development for Norcal

Drupal Landing Page for Loopback Analytics

"Developed a Drupal template for an AI powered SaaS targeted at optimizing processes within the healthcare industry."

HTML5 Animated Banners for BPL PLasma

Improved display campaign conversions by designing HTML5 based retargeting ads.